February 9, 2023

Ditching Perfection The Renegade Way

Kerry Michaels is the Co-Founder & CEO of William Murray Golf. Yes…as in the actor, Bill Murray.


Kerry oversees millions of dollars in annual revenue. Hers is a true story of asking for forgiveness instead of permission. This conversation is all about taking control of your own career, taking action and getting sh*t done. Kerry, and her Why Not Now? moment which you’ll hear, are hard proof of this.


In this episode, Kerry shares the story of how she got into business with Bill and his brothers. As you can imagine it has been quite a ride, and the origin story itself is definitely unique.


You’ll learn Kerry’s entrepreneurial lessons and challenges, especially as it relates to her role within William Murray Golf as CEO and how that has changed over time as the business has grown. She shares how she prioritized input from the entire family so the brand felt authentic from the outset, the importance of having a support system, planning for the downside of business and how delegating has been one of her biggest lessons.


Kerry also talks through how she invests in herself, busts a few popular myths around balancing parenthood with entrepreneurship and shares a sweet (literally) fun fact about Bill Murray that you may not expect to hear.


Learn more about Kerry: https://www.instagram.com/kerry_wmg/



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