September 5, 2016

In this first episode I chat with Mark Cuban as he sits poolside in Vegas. You may know Mark from watching Shark Tank on TV or as the owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks. He’s an outspoken, no BS kinda guy who went from bartender to billionaire. We chat about business, sports, politics, tech and no topic is off limits.

Show Notes:

  • Mark Cuban talks about his Why Not Now moment when he got fired from one of his first jobs and he had a critical decision to make. (5:12)
  • Broke as a joke, Mark knew he couldn’t get any poorer when he was living with six guys in three-bedroom apartment so he decided to ____. (6:09)
  • Comical story about the first time I met Renegade Mark. (7:12)
  • A Why Not Now moment of my own, inspired by Mark and the NBA. (8:25)
  • Mark talks about what moment stands out the most to him given all of the success, toys and journeys he has experienced. (9:00)
  • Mark shares his time management philosophy including how he reads three hours a day. (10:06)
  • How Mark keeps his mind and body healthy. Sometimes that includes just looking up. (12:27)
  • How Mark decides when to make things happen vs. let them happen. (13:54)
  • Mark explains his unique formula for business communication throughout the day and how the number of calls he takes in a day is typically zero. (14:48)
  • We have a lively discussion on politics. Will Mark run for President someday? (15:39)
  • Mark candidly evaluates each of the two current presidential candidates. No filter. (16:30)
  • Why Donald Trump has fallen down in Mark’s opinion. (16:40)
  • We discuss one of Mark’s secret weapons – RTFM ‘Read the F’n Manual’ (17:38)
  • How can we attract the best and brightest talent to public office by making it less difficult for them to get on the presidential ticket. (18:08)
  • A strategy for disrupting the traditional political party system and structure. (20:12)
  • Discussion on artificial intelligence vs. human level intelligence. What to expect and when. (22:15)
  • We discuss laws around machine learning. Technology and its impact on life, biology and evolution. (24:37)
  • How can we accelerate the pace toward gender equality? (25:40)
  • Mark shares his thought on gender equality. Also his opinion on companies and leaders, such as Salesforce and Elon Musk, who are evaluating their company’s salaries to identify gender pay gaps (27:39)
  • Why Mark supports female-run businesses. (29:13)
  • Mark’s Shark Tank strategy on the show. Specifically, when he decides to talk and why. (30:03)
  • Alert!! Mark Cuban’s top negotiating tips. They’re unique, powerful and unexpected. You’re going to want to hear these. (30:35)
  • We discuss negative vs. positive content online & within social media. Mark shares ideas on how we can shift the negative energy online. (31:51)
  • The topic of trolls on social media. The lack of trolling on Snap Chat and why Mark likes to troll Trump. (32:55)
  • Has Mark played Pokemon GO? And is he playing poolside in Vegas while he does this interview? (33:42)
  • How Mark goes about pre-meditating his fines by the NBA before he does something to get fined. Cost-benefit analysis. (34:11)
  • Mark shares his thoughts on the potential for certain pro sports expansion teams. (35:27)
  • We talk through something Mark’s been considering doing that he hasn’t done yet. He says, “Why Not Now?” (36:15)
  • The first thing Mark would do if he were the CEO of Twitter today. (37:35)
  • What keeps Mark up at night? (38:12)
  • What advice Mark would give to his younger self? (38:24)

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