November 15, 2019

Also known as the “Why Guy”, Simon Sinek’s TED talk has 28 million views! He’s an author, speaker and one of the most brilliant people I’ve ever met. Simon helps individuals, brands and communities find their WHY – why they do what they do. In this episode we talk through how Simon helped me find my WHY as well!

Show Notes:

  • Simon talks through a critical moment when he had to ask himself ‘Why Not Now’? And the rest, as he says, was history. His life changed forever. (3:56)
  • When Simon randomly found himself in a meeting with the Iraqi Ambassador. (5:00)
  • Simon’s philosophy on advice-giving. “I found myself forced to take my own advice.” Simon explains. (7:32)
  • Simon’s all-time favorite book that he loves to gift. In fact, we talk about when he gave me two copies of this book and then what happened. (8:56)
  • The most common snag or roadblock that happens after people or brands identify their WHY. (11:21)
  • What happens when you land on your WHY but don’t do anything with it.  (13:50)
  • Why Simon’s message is START with WHY vs. Find your WHY or Live your WHY. (14:29)
  • What message has Simon written on his bathroom mirror? (15:42)
  • Do WHYs change over time? (15:58)
  • Simon talks about kids and their WHY. What age is too young and what are the pros/cons to Starting with WHY young? (18:24)
  • My WHY. What happened when Simon talked me through my WHY and the process he goes through when helping someone discover their WHY. (20:11)
  • Companies/brands have WHYs. Do countries have WHYs?
  • What is America’s WHY and how does it play a role in political elections relative to the various political parties and specific candidate WHYs? (23:24)
  • The general differences between how the Democratic and Republican parties arrive at the United States WHY. (25:14)
  • How to apply your WHY, the country’s WHY and a candidate’s WHY to your decision-making process in deciding who to vote for. (26:00)
  • The difference between standing FOR something versus AGAINST something. (26:20)
  • The relationship and dynamic between meditation and WHY. (28:50)
  • The general differences between how the Democratic and Republican parties arrive at the United States WHY. (25:14)
  • Brainstorming and the value of allowing our minds to wonder and wander. (30:00)
  • Simon shares how he approaches getting started after recently asking himself Why Not Now? (35:42)
  • What is Simon’s current Why Not Now? (40:08)
  • What’s Simon reading right now? (42:22)
  • What keeps Simon up at night? (44:07)
  • Pirates or Ninjas. Who’s tougher? (44:32)
  • What advice would Simon give to his younger self? (44:56)

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