November 15, 2019

Introducing the unknown option in the 2016 Presidential Election. You’ve likely never heard of Evan McMullin because he’s just recently entered the election scene. Evan, former CIA operative, decided to run for president late in the game to stand up for what he believes. He’s a 40-year old counter-terrorism expert that has a unique POV to share. Regardless of your political beliefs and mine, it’s inspiring to witness someone who asks themselves, “Why Not Now run for President of the United States?” at the 11th hour in order to give voters another option. Is it a long shot that he’ll win? Yep. Is it possible though? Yep. And it’s quite honorable in my humble, patriotic, opinion.


Show Notes
  • Why Evan decided to get into the presidential race so late in the game?
  • What the process looked like while Evan decided to run for president?
  • Mindy Finn’s decision to accept Evan’s request for her to be the VP on his ticket.
  • Is it possible for Evan to win the presidential election?
  • Evan believes the U.S. can remain a global leader yet build a global community.
  • How do Evan and Mindy keep their minds healthy while on the campaign trail?
  • Pirates or Ninjas. Who’s tougher? Former CIA officer explains his answer.

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