November 15, 2019

Troy Aikman is a 3x Super Bowl champ and NFL hall of fame athletic badass. In this episode we get to know all sides of Troy from being a father to two teenage daughters to some unexpected Why Not Now? ideas Troy has for the future.

Show Notes:

  • Troy talks through a profound Why Not Now moment. A critical decision that he credits for paving his way to the NFL and shaping his future as we now know it. (4:45)
  • Troy shares his thoughts on whether or not to seek advice when making big decisions. (7:08)
  • Barry Switzer and Troy have one of the most important conversations of his career. (8:05)
  • Does Troy Aikman consider himself a risk-taker? (9:56)
  • The tale of the Gatorade bottle and sweat band my cousin and I got from Troy in the mid 90’s during a spring training camp at UT Austin. Full circle story! (10:36)
  • Troy shares his thoughts on the topic of social media as a parent of two teenage daughters. (13:00)
  • We discuss social media highlight reels vs. real life. (15:37)
  • What happened when Troy’s daughter told him she’s not going to be a professional athlete. Powerful learning moment for father and daughter. (16:03)
  • How Troy decides when to let things happen and when to make them happen. (19:35)
  • Troy talks about his practice in mindfulness and meditation. (20:45)
  • The single best thing Troy has ever done for himself. (23:03)
  • The difference between playing not to lose and playing to win. How it’s applicable to sports and business.  (28:55)
  • A time Bill Belichick did something nearly everyone criticized except Troy believes it specifically defines the greatness of Bill and why he’s one of the greatest coaches of all time. (30:09)
  • Troy talks about retiring from playing football and how it impacted his identity when he retired from the NFL. (33:22)
  • Troy’s stance on the topic of concussions in sports. (37:00)
  • Troy talks about two current life Why Not Now’s he’s ready to tackle. You might be surprised. (40:04)
  • What’s Troy reading right now? And his all-time favorite book. (46:35)
  • What keeps Troy up at night? (47:20)
  • What advice would Troy give to his younger self? (47:34)

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