November 22, 2019

Three of my favorite Renegades, who happen to be women. Arianna Huffington, Founder of Huffington Post and Thrive Global. Dr. Jen Welter, the first female coach in the NFL and Sophia Amoruso, founder of NastyGal and GirlBoss.

  • Arianna Huffington talks about Silicon Valley’s “bro culture” and her solution for changing the “always on” celebrated mentality.
  • Arianna talks about the moment she knew it was time to move on from Huffington Post.
  • Sophia Amoruso talks about the imbalance of funding for female entrepreneurs and ways women can thrive during the fundraising process.
  • Dr. Jen Welter shares her Why Not Now? story and lessons which led to her becoming the first female NFL coach.

If you enjoyed these short snackable soundbites, check out the full episodes with Arianna Huffington, Sophia Amoruso and Dr. Jen Welter.

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