November 22, 2019

Dan Reynolds is the Imagine Dragons front man and lead vocalist. The band has sold more than 27 million singles and 9 million albums. Their recent album, Evolve, went gold in less than a month and it continues to rise as they tour the globe. They’re kinda a big deal. But they haven’t always been. Dan shares things in this show that he hasn’t talked about publicly before. If you want a glimpse behind the curtains and get to know the down-to-earth person behind the rockstar, you’re in for a treat.

  • The Why Not Now? moment when Dan decided to drop out of college and pursue music full time.
  • Dan talks about the phase before the fame when the band hustled and played in Las Vegas lounges.
  • The various non-musical routes Dan explored during college.
  • The very first song Dan wrote in middle school.
  • We dissect the song ‘Thunder’ on the new Evolve album and talk through the meaning.
  • The evolution of the band name. It wasn’t always ‘cool’ and some of Dan’s friends made fun of the name.
  • Dan talks about going through a spiritual crisis and how it led to a massive realization.
  • What Dan attributes to him having the healthiest year of his life.
  • Dan’s current Why Not Now? decision to be a vocal ally for the LGBTQ community as a spotlighted Mormon.

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