November 22, 2019

After a tragic loss of a friend, Sebastian Terry did some reflecting and asked himself, ‘Am I happy?’. His answer was no. Next, he wrote down a list of 100 things that he always wanted to achieve. Over the past 10 years, checking items off his list has become his full-time job. A few of the things on his list included marrying a stranger in Las Vegas and delivering a baby. What Sebastian realized throughout this process is that he gained the most happiness from helping other people check items off their own list. He’s written a book about his adventure and he’s even been in an TV show. His next goal is to develop a way to scale this concept and create a marketplace for people helping one another.

  • How Sebastian turned a tragic loss into a Why Not Now? moment that sparked purpose in his life and has fueled him for more than a decade.
  • How Sebastian’s list differs a bucket list and why everyone should have one.
  • What happened when he went to marry a stranger in Vegas and they stood him up at the alter. (He still managed to get married!)
  • How Sebastian ended up delivering a baby in Regina, Canada.
  • Sebastian shares his unique thought-process for making big changes like moving across the globe without a plan.
  • Advice Sebastian would give to his younger self.

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