November 22, 2019

Most Why Not Now? guests practice gratitude in both their business and personal lives. They don’t necessarily intentionally set out to do this, they just do. It’s a part of how they operate through life. In this episode I’ve pulled together a few snackable soundbites of people who offer a unique point of view on gratitude and giving. Additionally, I interview my Mom in this episode!

We start off with Adam Grant. He’s an organizational psychologist, New York Times best-selling author and the highest rated professor at Wharton. Often times we think of “giving back’ as a legacy after we’ve achieved a certain level of success and expertise. Adam shares a new, more progressive, way to look at giving back. If you want to hear the entire interview with Adam you can go here or find Episode 22 on iTunes.

Next up is Matt Mullenweg. He’s the founder and CEO of Automatic which is the parent company of WordPress which powers 28% of the internet. Matt is one of my favorite people to learn from. Matt talks about how gratitude for everything from small to big things can be a strategy for letting go. If you want to hear the entire interview with Matt you can go here or find Episode 37 on iTunes.

Next we hear from Amy Purdy, a Paralympian snowboard champion who Oprah calls a hero. At age 19, she was given a 2% chance to live after being diagnosed with meningitis. She has gone on to defy all the odds and in this clip she talks about a recent threat to her health once again and how she uses gratitude as a strategy. If you want to hear the entire interview with Amy you can go here or find Episode 36 on iTunes.

And last but not least, I have a very special guest on the show. My mom! She’s been working up her courage to come on the show and I’m excited to share. Ruthann Jensen is an entrepreneur who lives in the Black Hills of South Dakota. She’s the co-founder of Copper Canyon Lodge, a wedding venue and lodging business, and she shares what it was like to start her first company in her 50’s. She’s one of my favorite people on the planet and I’m beyond grateful for her.

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