November 15, 2019

Cover of Forbes. Netflix TV Show. Nasty Gal Founder and the original #GirlBoss. Sophia Amoruso is a self-made badass. She shares how she started as the CEO of her bedroom and has Why Notted her way to building a $100 million company. Sophia shares how she navigated through the world of venture capital as a female founder and what she’s learned. We discuss social media and being real vs. just showing your highlight reel. Sophia is working on another big endeavor and that’s the Girl Boss TV show which will be on Netflix soon.

Show Notes:

  • Sophia’s Why Not Now moment when she was a Campus Safety Host at an art school and it involved her MySpace days. (4:08)
  • The story behind how the Why Not Now? podcast came about and how Sophia inspired me to act upon my own Why Not Now? (6:06)
  • Sophia shares the journey she went through from being the CEO of her bedroom to raising money for Nasty Gal. (7:12)
  • The challenge about Why Not Now? and choosing what not to do. Focus. (7:58)
  • Sophia now has a $100 million company. We discuss funding for female entrepreneurs – the process, challenges and Sophia’s advice. (9:15)
  • Did Sophia feel she was treated any differently while raising money because she’s a woman? (10:18)
  • The one piece of advice Sophia has gotten more than any other. (13:56)
  • Sophia’s top time management tip. (16:36)
  • A rouge Instagram account Sophia is considering starting. Real Life vs. Highlight Reel. (18:27)
  • #Girlboss is becoming a TV show on Netflix! Sophia shares the scoop. (20:37)
  • Sophia’s current Why Not Now? that she’s been considering. (21:12)
  • What’s Sophia reading right now? (23:55)
  • What keeps Sophia up at night? (25:09)
  • What advice would Sophia give to her younger self? (25:58)

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