November 15, 2019

Scott is the new kind of baller. He was once a night club promoter who sold selfishness and decadence to people while chasing models and doing drugs. Now, as the founder of charity: water, he has impacted 6.1 million lives and raised $200 million to provide clean drinking water to people in developing nations. His story is colorful. It’s a true testament of how much we can turn our lives around if we ask Why Not Now?

Show Notes:

  • Scott shares his journey that led to a life-changing Why Not Now? (3:56)
  • Where Scott ended up when he grabbed the bible, a bottle of Dewars, rented a blue Ford Mustang and drove north seeking a radical change. (7:44)
  • Scott offered to help many charities and he was rejected. (9:30)
  • What advice Scott would give to someone who wants to overhaul their life. Do a complete 180. (14:56)
  • Scott talks about the number one most common takeaway people have after visiting developing countries. He has taken 350 people to various developing countries and he’s been to Ethiopia 27 times. (16:55)
  • I share one of the most impactful moments of my life with Scott. (22:08)
  • How Scott keeps his mind healthy. (23:50)
  • How Scott and his team have been able to raise $200 million in 10 years. (24:20)

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