November 22, 2019

Songwriter, CEO and host of the “Don’t Keep Your Day Job” Podcast, Cathy Heller, is a “Yes and…” person. She’s added layers to her career and her livelihood over time; adding things that she loves to do. Rather than just switching gears and completely changing paths, she’s actually just added certain things and been able to have a portfolio of different tracks as her career.

One of the things this allows us to understand is that you don’t have to necessarily choose just one career focus anymore. You can have a variety of different layers to diversify your skills, passion and interest. When you hear from Cathy in this episode, you will notice that she has such a zest for life and has a lot of valuable advice when it comes to identifying what you are assigned to do in this lifetime, what you’re here for and how to find that thing, or that set of things.

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