September 7, 2014


Halfway through sixth grade, I moved from conservative Wyoming to my new middle school in edgy Bullhead City, Arizona. Quite a change. In Bullhead, yep that’s the name of the city, the kids used cuss words on the desert playground. I met this girl. Nicole was her name. We became friends.

After school, Nicole headed to LA to pursue per passion for acting. I attended college at ASU. After 24 years, we’ve witnessed many milestones together including our recent launch of SIMPLE Baby Foods.

Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 7.00.18 PMNicole grew up in family restaurants; incredible chefs surrounding and influencing her. Cooking is one of her skills and passions. She and her lovely husband also have an adorable little guy named Quinn, now 7. When Quinn was an infant, Nicole studied the actual ingredients in store-bought (mainstream) baby food and decided the only option was cooking “real” food for Quinn, herself. She learned a great deal about the importance of starting a baby off with the proper nutrition when they’re ready to eat food and it became her passion, and purpose, to educate other parents as well. Last week was the announcement of SIMPLE Baby Foods.

SIMPLE is Nicole’s vision and baby (so to speak). For every pouch of baby food we sell, we donate a pouch to a baby in need. That’s where the purpose comes into play.

Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 8.24.42 PM

I’m along for the ride to support Nicole when it comes to entrepreneurial and marketing lessons I’ve snagged along my way. This is the also the first time I’ve financially invested in another entrepreneur – something I’ve dreamed of doing since I became one, five years ago. Helping other people figure out where their passion, purpose and skill collide happens to be my intersection of passion, purpose and skill. My bliss.

Passions often change, but it’s likely they’ll end up becoming a skill at the very least. For example, Nicole’s passion for acting has shifted but her previous career as an actress helps her with interviews, video blogging and talking about SIMPLE.

5507_10151996561237825_419177900_nI’m a strong believer that where passion, purpose and skill collide, bliss resides. It’s not an intersection to be found. It must be created. So many people have a hard time identifying that special intersection but it’s well worth the search. For Nicole, it was right in front of her. Simple.

Photo to the Left: Nicole and I in middle school, 1990 (top left). At Tony Hsieh’s book launch party (top right), NYE 2013 (bottom left), celebrating 22 years of friendship (bottom right).

More info on Simple: Check out our website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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