September 25, 2014


When I was younger, I moved around the country a fair bit and I’m grateful. The addiction to curiosity and change serves an entrepreneurs well. Yet, reflecting back I dropped my reading and handwriting skills somewhere between Kansas in first grade and Wyoming in second grade. This secretly happened during the late 80’s but a lady is never supposed to tell her age. (Yeah, 35 and loving it.) At no fault of my parents or me, the midwest simply had different teaching styles. 

Although I had Louis and Clark style intentions, my expedition landed me straight into the “special reading and writing class”, which was code for: “I was slow” at these skills. Later I ended up becoming an author but reading and writing was a rocky road at first.

That said, I learned to fall in LOVE with words, writing and books. Hopefully more people can learn to lust after consonants and vowels like I do. Sometimes it’s an acquired taste much like beer or wine. I’m a huge book club advocate. (Even if you must include wine in the book club. It works well!)

I’m writing because lately, I’ve made reading a priority and it’s been a source of freedom. Previously, I would just read what I thought would get me ahead. Not so much anymore. The words that create photos and videos in my head relax me. It’s a form of release at the end of the day, on a flight or on a weekend morning. Here are a few books I’ve read lately and my thoughts as a self-proclaimed bookworm:

Thrive by Arianna Huffington – I dug this book. Very well-rounded lessons and guidance from someone who has seen a great deal. Appreciated the original thoughts and content. Not just another business book.

Tiny Beautiful Things by Sheryl Strayed – A compilation of many short stories. Very real and raw honest opinions to some of life’s biggest challenging situations. Refreshing read. Definitely recommend this one.

Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James – I was a few years late to the party on this one. Gave it a whirl but couldn’t get through the book. Felt the story was repetitive and had to put it down after awkwardly hiding the cover while reading it on the plane. However 70 million+ copies have been sold so I’m just one opinion!

Things I Know For Sure by Oprah Winfrey – Another set of short lessons/stories. I like this format (very conducive to our society’s quick pace and short attention span). This woman has seen a great deal. Reading her words felt like almost getting ahead or cheating because we can learn so much through her experiences.

A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle – The overall concept and message is genius but I felt the book could have been about half the length and still had the same impact. It’s heavy and dense but the takeaways are something I will carry forever. Really makes you think about being Present, the role of the Ego and awareness.

A Virgin Way by Richard Branson – This is Richard’s first book on leadership. I’m in the process of reading this now. Will follow up with feedback but so far, so good!

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