December 18, 2023

How Dell is Reinventing Work

Corporate isn’t a dirty word, and Nicole Rex will tell you why. She is on a journey to reinvent it. 

Nicole is the VP of Global Marketing at Dell Technologies. A storyteller, creator, and marketer at heart, Nicole brings a unique passion for helping people and infusing creativity into every aspect of her work, all while having a ton of fun. After all, if we’re not having fun, what’s the point? 

In this episode, you’ll explore how Nicole is redefining the corporate landscape…the Renegade way. You’ll learn the innovative tactics she employs with her team, hear her unravel the secrets to taking ownership of your own career in a rapidly evolving industry, and get a glimpse into the future of technology. 

Dive into the world of corporate reinvention and learn from the experiences of a true Renegade in global marketing.


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