January 8, 2024

How to Reinvent Your Day & Relationship with Time

A solo series with Amy Jo! In this first episode of a three-part series, you’ll hear how Amy Jo is reinventing her relationship with time (and how you can too). You will learn tactical tips so you can do the same. Amy Jo has overhauled how she spends her days. The catalyst for this reinvention? Some tough, life-changing lessons. You will learn how to optimize your bandwidth (finite 24 hours in a day) and expand your capacity (infinite potential). Hint: Getting up earlier and earlier is not a strategy.

When we make friends with the data, (aka make friends with reality), we start to see tangible change. Reinvention is a daily practice.

Amy Jo has never seen the level of exhaustion in people’s eyes that she sees now. After looking in the mirror, she realized that she also slipped into this boat.

Amy Jo shares what is required for reinvention. She explains the difference between your bandwidth and your capacity. She teaches how to design and execute your ideal day by using a time budget and how to conduct a time audit. These tools are invaluable for you in order to change your days.

You’ll also learn what to do if you are not feeling a sense of growth, fulfillment and joy in your life and career, and the three things you can do today to start expanding your bandwidth and your capacity.

Amy Jo is brutally honest and acknowledges she hasn’t figured everything out but the concepts and tactics she shares can make a considerable difference in how you spend your days – which is how you spend your life.

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