March 25, 2022

An Insider’s Guide to the Great Rebellion

Andres Traslavia has interviewed more than 2,000 executives as a longtime recruiter and the head of executive search and talent acquisition at Whole Foods Market. He has a rare view into talent trends spanning the past 15 years—and insights into what he calls “the Great Rebellion,” or the mass resignations employers are seeing in 2021 and 2022.

Dangling shiny salaries and massive compensation packages is not enough to attract talent anymore. In this episode, Andres shares how employers can retain talent and maps out three things he is looking for when he interviews an executive. Listen for his cheat sheet for anyone going through the interview process.

Andres grew up in Bogota, Columbia. He came to the United States and fell for the idea that success was about having material things. In the midst of this lonely realization, he walked into Whole Foods and fell in love with how happy the workers were. Andres knew he had to work for this “Disneyland for foodies.” So he said, “Why Not Now?” and moved to Austin with his wife.

Andres talks about his dedication to finding a job that brings happiness and connection with a higher purpose. He expresses how meaning will make or break a job. He advises people to do the research and find an environment they can connect with rather than rushing a job switch as a Band-Aid for mental health.

This episode is full of tangible tips for nailing an interview with a company that is a good match for you, as well as advice for creating a caring environment as a leader so that people will want to work for your company.

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