April 4, 2022

Resilience, Persistence and Fighting For What’s Right

John Hardin is the co-founder and Executive Director of Proclaim Justice—a not-for-profit organization that frees victims of wrongful convictions. He is also a private investigator who has years of experience in public affairs communications. John is known for bringing media and public attention to situations where there’s a wrongful conviction. 

John’s co-founder, Jason Baldwin, was one of the members of the “West Memphis Three,” a well-known case in which three people in Arkansas were wrongfully convicted of a crime and sent to prison for many years. John played a critical role in freeing the trio. Now, together, John and Jason are doing that for other people. 

In this multifaceted conversation, John shares what he’s learned from knocking on doors and looking for answers. John also discusses the power of persistence and resilience; how it feels to come up short and not find what you’re looking for; and getting up each day to fight for what you believe is right. 

John’s experience with the West Memphis Three changed the course of his career, taking him from an unhappy existence in political and legislative consulting to a life fueled by purpose. John shares advice for dealing with discouragement and roadblocks, and why it’s important to find what works for ourselves in order to reset and renew our passion for our lives and careers.

Lastly, John gives an incredibly powerful answer to Amy Jo’s question on what he would say to himself if he was to go back to his crossroads moment prior to starting the organization. 

Learning to be persistent takes time and effort. Getting angry doesn’t change the situation. You have to take action to make change.

For more information about Proclaim Justice, head to www.proclaimjustice.org.



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