October 26, 2022

Identifying, Selling & Negotiating Your X Factor with Hollywood’s Top Agent.

Brad Slater is one of the top talent agents in the world and a Senior Talent Partner at William Morris Endeavor. He represents some of the biggest names in Hollywood, Professional Sports and Business. Amy Jo and Brad have been friends for over a decade and she has learned so much from him, both personally and professionally, during that time.

This conversation was recorded live at the 2022 Renegade Summit.

Brad starts by discussing his Why Not Now? moment – in which he took the most untraditional route to becoming an agent. Additionally, you’ll hear some of of Brad’s tips and tricks to remain successful when it comes to selling. Spoiler alert…Brad truly believes in what he is doing.

Even as Brad has risen to the top, and the stakes have gotten higher, he has managed to keep a grip on his mental health and work life balance. You’ll learn his secrets and what he has found to be most helpful.

Brad and Amy Jo also touch on the power of deal flow and angel investing, the difference in treatment between men and women and a very personal story that led Brad to become the chairman of the board at the Anti-Recidivism Coalition. Find the link to the ARC website below.

Brad is a pure Renegade who truly lives in the intersection of passion, purpose and skill. He is an example of someone who uses his influence for good.

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