October 10, 2022

A Renegade’s Race to The Senate

Renegade graduate Syrita Steib is running for US Senate in the state of Louisiana. If elected, she will be the first black women to ever hold that position.

Her story is remarkable. She grew up in a small rural town surrounded by sugar cane, spent 10 years in prison and has successfully created, and passed, legislation that is changing the narrative for many people.

In this discussion with Amy Jo, Syrita talks about her trauma that led her to prison and the moments since that have motivated her down the current path she is on. She details the lack of access to bare necessities she faced after incarceration.

Syrita has taken Renegade Rule #3 (turn adversity into an asset) to a whole new level as she has leveraged adversity over and over again. Syrita has always been a fighter and her mindset is that the only way is forward.

Syrita’s resilience and fierce commitment to doing what she sets out to do is apparent. She has started the non profit, Operation Restoration, passed Louisiana Act 276 which banned a box on college application that asked about previous felonies for the purpose of admission, expanded this to 6 different states, received a full presidential pardon and much more.

She does all of this by not by looking at challenges in totality, but instead tackling the process step by step.

Syrita needs help now. Her main ask is for people to to talk about the issues she brings up in this episode. Spread awareness. Louisiana is the only state with jungle primaries – an election in which all candidates for elected office run in the same primary regardless of political party – so November 8th is the primary election.

Early voting is October 25th. Syrita is the only woman in the race as well as the only one with experience creating and passing policy successfully.

A big thanks to Syrita for sharing her story. You can find Syrita @supportsyrita on all social platforms and her website is www.syritasteib.com.


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