August 16, 2022

Life Starts Now

Renegade Grad, Chanel Dokun, helps women step into a calling greater than their career. She is a master at guiding and helping others find their life purpose and build a plan around it. She is now a new author. Her book, Life Starts Now: How to Create the Life You’ve Been Waiting For, was just published.


Chanel used to work in magazine publishing, what she thought was her dream job, but then found herself having that growing feeling of “this is not enough.” None of her strategies were working. As a result, she left to pursue her own life purpose of being a safe space for others.


In this wide ranging discussion, Amy Jo and Chanel talk about the path to pivot and how to take those steps in building a plan around your life purpose. Chanel also dives into the process of writing her book, including a vulnerable story about her powerful mom, and talks about her experience sharing the stage with the one and only Oprah.


Chanel has a radical commitment to honesty. Her beautifully written book is full of truth, humor, deeply thought provoking questions and tactical takeaways to help you find your purpose. It will make you take a moment to pause and reflect. This book is well worth your time.



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