August 22, 2022

Breaking Barriers to Find Your Superpower

Nadya Okamoto is the Founder & CEO of August, a company that makes sustainable tampons and pads. She is also an influencer with 3 million TikTok followers. Entrepreneurship is in her bones. She started her first non profit, at the age of 16, to find a solution to a problem that she faced growing up. She is now 24 and has started multiple companies. The non-profit is still growing.


Nadya has grown from a place of understanding and processing who she is. She is incredibly self aware, unapologetic, humble, has a smart approach and a very strong worth ethic. Despite her accomplishments, her level of “experience” is often questioned.


In this episode, Nadya walks you through her childhood and many personal moments that have shaped her career. She discusses her struggle with mental health, self hatred and a dangerous work ethic as well as the positives of social media and how her insecurities keep her humble. Nadya does not expect perfection.


Nadya also reveals her unique selling point and how she had to overcome being a workaholic to find her superpower. Lastly, Nadya and Amy Jo discuss the number 1 lesson Nadya has learned, which is to invest in yourself. She talks about what that looks like for her.


The takeaways from this conversation are vital for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. Whether you are 15 or 50, we could all take some notes from the way that Nadya has persevered and created change.


Learn more about August here:



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