May 19, 2023

Invest In Women or Get Left Behind


Jesse Draper is one of the 50 most connected women in America, and a true trailblazer. 


Jesse is not only a highly successful venture capitalist, but is also a dedicated mother of three. As the founder of Halogen Ventures, a female focused venture fund, she has built an impressive portfolio of over 70 companies, focusing on accelerating access to capital and deal flow while championing the empowerment of female investors and female entrepreneurs.


In this week’s episode, Jesse shares her inspiring journey, exploring the challenges she faced while entering the venture capital space and running a successful operation. She also addresses the need for more women managing capital and offers advice on fostering a more equitable and diverse landscape.


You’ll also hear Jesse’s take on the unique struggles faced by working mothers, the constant juggle between professional demands and family life, and her passion towards transforming the realm of child care.


Join Jesse and Amy Jo as they unpack the state of the union with women in investing and funding, and discover actionable steps you can take to shift the dynamic. 


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