June 17, 2022

Driving Innovation Through Alliance

Jodi Shelton, the co-founder and president of GSA (Global Semiconductor Alliance), plays full out. She has maintained a job since 6th grade, established herself as a pioneer within the technology space, written a screenplay, moved across the country, ran a triathlon and has grown GSA to include companies throughout the supply chain, representing 25 countries across the globe. Her strong work ethic and grit materializes as perpetual forward movement.

Jodi is not afraid when it comes to going from idea to action. In this episode, you will hear how she followed Renegade Rule #2 and manifested her Why Not Now? idea to move to China. Jodi also discusses how one conversation, at a typical quarterly board meeting, sparked her to start the Women’s Leadership Initiative almost immediately once the meeting ended.

You’ll learn Jodi’s tips for parents trying to juggle work and home life, her philosophy on “busy” and how she rejects it, the importance of curiosity, and how she kept her sanity through a very difficult season.

Jodi bets on herself and believes in her ideas. Her zest for life and willingness to invest in her curiosity is contagious.


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