June 6, 2022

Designing Your Life – From Corporate Exec to Free Agent

Liya Sharif is a former corporate Renegade who led Brand Marketing at Qualcomm. Like all Renegades, Liya has pushed beyond normal expectations and structure, and does not have a traditional journey. Currently, Liya is studying for a degree in interior design as well as guiding emerging companies, looking to grow, with her creativity and unconventional approach to leadership.

In this episode, Liya discusses how she did an audit of her life. She shares her roots, her history in dance and how that skill taught her to be disciplined, her desire to always know what it feels like to be a beginner and her rigorous education. As a woman who grew up in the former Soviet Union, Azerbaijan, Liya also shares her point of view on the war in Ukraine.

Liya does many things, but conform is not one. It is in her DNA to innovate. She follows her curiosity and looks for continual renewal which drives all sorts of things in life that get her excited. Her personal motto; “If you continue doing the work you love, it is no longer work.”

You’ll learn how Liya filters her opportunities and the two most important things she considers before agreeing to any kind of work. Liya has found these tangible takeaways to be crucial for her happiness and fulfillment.

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