December 5, 2022

Love + Work with Marcus Buckingham

Marcus Buckingham is the author of two of the best selling business books of all time. He studies psychometrics for a living and brings research into everything he does. Both his insight, and storytelling, are unrivaled.

In the episode, Marcus exposes the key to life as he sees it. He dives into the fact that as humans, when we are in love, we are smarter. On the flip side, he also explains how there are consequences when love is repressed. The bio-chemical make up of our brain is unimaginable.

Marcus explains how who you are, and how you contribute in the world, is massively connected to what you love. Therefore, we must find the love in what we do. We cannot sustain without love.

You’ll learn how to identify what it is about your days that you love, and the 4 questions he believes you should ask every week so that you are clear on the things you love. Marcus also shares his book writing tips as well speaks to what he thinks leadership is.

Additionally, Marcus showcases the similar benefits of love in a relationship and love at work. He talks about how you can differentiate yourself.

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