November 28, 2022

How To Unlock Personal Success with the Founder of Grubhub

Mike Evans, the founder of Grubhub, author of “Hangry” and founder of Fixer, is one of the most grounded and passionate workers around. He knows how to start from nothing and build success.

Mike took Grubhub public. The company had a multibillion dollar IPO. Even though that might sound “successful” to everyone else, Mike defines success for himself. He says success is all about alignment.

In this week’s episode, Mike challenges the question of “why stay?” and flips it to “why leave?”. He discusses how inertia is a terrible reason to stay in any situation.

Mike and Amy Jo cover many topics ranging from Mike’s emotional leadership style to transitioning from Founder to CEO, to making decisions based off data and the idea of a perfect work life balance being a complete lie.

In particular, Mike and Amy Jo discuss Mike’s evolution as an entrepreneur. You’ll learn his key takeaways from starting Grubhub and how that experience changed his business model for Fixer.

Mike shares many of his tangible business tactics, one of which is the two step apology. This is something every single person can implement in business or life. Another is his focus on mission lock, which he explains is when the benefit and the profit of a business can not be divorced.

There are countless takeaways, but the biggest piece of advice Mike gives is to just start. Think, and dream, bigger from the moment you begin.

Don’t miss this episode with a legendary creative problem solver.

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