May 23, 2022

Leading With Power

Phyllis Newhouse has quite the resume. She is the first African American woman to lead a Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC), the first woman ever to win the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of the Year award in the technology category, she’s on the board of the Women’s Presidents Organization and is a pioneer in business.

She is a retired senior military officer, a CEO, an investor and serial entrepreneur. Phyllis also happens to be a “frientor” to Amy Jo (a friend and mentor).

Phyllis is changing the game and rewriting the business play book, especially for women. One way she does this is with “ROCs,” which stands for Resources, Opportunities and Connections. Phyllis generously gives these out all day every day. Amy Jo has personally been a beneficiary, as Phyllis has opened many doors for her.

In this wide-ranging conversation, Amy Jo and Phyllis talk about business, their relationship with money, how Phyllis looks at wealth versus revenue, and how Phyllis’ power always enters the room before she does. Phyllis also shares the impactful story about how she met Serena Williams and what has happened after that meeting. We could all take a page from this playbook.

Phyllis supports women and fosters community so well. She recently just launched a program called Shoulder Up To Lead where she shares her 11 Principles of Leadership. Here is the link to check it out:

Learn more about Phyllis, here:


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