May 29, 2022

How To Approach Difficult Situations in 5 Steps


As a corporate Renegade, Erik Day has many titles, one of which is Senior Vice President and General Manager of Global Small Businesses at Dell Technologies, where he serves as a heartbeat behind the brand. Erik has been working at Dell for 20+ years combining career with passion, purpose and skill.

In this episode, Erik shares 5 incredibly valuable steps for approaching difficult situations. You’ll learn two vital ingredients for a business to succeed, how to break down bias, how to be an empathetic leader and retain top talent, the importance of accountability and how to lead with optimism.

Erik lives with his finger on the pulse. When trying to make advisors more effective at talking to clients, he was told to stay in his box and not given any support from his bosses, until he ran a successful pilot program they could not say no to implementing further. In 2002 he also created a pride LGBTQ employee resource group at Dell to talk about challenges and solutions the community was facing.

Erik and Amy Jo also discuss how technology is a must to keep up in today’s world. It enables better business.

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