Sarah Robb O’Hagan has been described as Superwoman, undercover. She’s been named one of Forbes’ most powerful women in sports and one of Fast Company’s most creative people in business. This woman is unmatched. She’s been the global president of the $5,000,000,000 sports brand, Gatorade, where she led the business through a major repositioning and business turnaround.

Sarah has also held senior positions at Nike, Virgin Atlantic, Atari, served as the global president of Equinox and currently she’s the CEO of Flywheel Sports. If there was such a thing as a resume-off, Sarah would win. There aren’t too many people, if anyone, that has a portfolio of brands of this caliber that they’ve led, but it hasn’t always been a smooth ride for Sarah. In fact, she gets squirmy when people read bios because she knows they’re not the whole truth.

Sarah keeps it real in this episode. She is very candid about her career, what’s gone wrong, why it went wrong, how you can leap frog her lessons and everything in between. She gives invaluable interviewing advice, and we also learn how career trajectories aren’t always linear. Sarah recently called a timeout to write her book titled “ExtremeYou – Step Up. Stand Out. Kick Ass. Repeat.”, so get your pen and paper or your notes app out, because this one is stacked with takeaways.

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