April 18, 2022

Reshaping Your Relationship With Work

Tatiana Ferreira is the Senior Vice President of Customer Service Excellence at Neiman Marcus. Tatiana has quite a colorful career journey. She has worked for some of the biggest brands in retail and fashion, and got her start at Disney.

As a top Latina executive in the luxury experience arena, she has been able to do things that are pretty unheard of. One of which is bringing mindfulness into the corporate world. She talks through some tactical suggestions on how you can introduce mindfulness into your own business or corporation and the ROI of doing so.

Tatiana refers to her Why Not Now? story as “productivity hell”. She talks about her addiction to work. Specifically, she dives into what resulted from that, some of the rules she set for herself to overcome the problem, the concepts around those rules and how she was able to shift and get ruthless about her new priorities.

Tatiana also discusses Service Excellence. What it looks like today, and how it compares to Service Excellence experiences of the past. Hearing from someone who is at the highest level of customer service excellence is a treat, and you’ll learn ways to reframe the way you’ve thought about customer service.

Amy Jo and Tatiana also talk through remote work and Tatiana’s experience in that space. Tatiana is a corporate Renegade, and we need more of those in the workplace. You can learn more about Tatiana on LInkedIn here: www.linkedin.com/in/tatianaferreira.


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