November 22, 2019

Ross Martin has one of the most creative and strategic minds out there. He spent 13 years as a top executive at Viacom and recently started his own agency, Blackbird. Ross has guided countless household name brands, helping them innovate and create impact. I never know what guests are going to say when I ask them to share their Why not now moment. In this episode, Ross exercises a “Why Not Now?” moment on the show and shares a few really tough experiences that he hasn’t talked about before publicly.

  • Ross talks about Operating Systems vs. Belief Systems. What’s the difference? Why do you need a belief system?
  • A very rare diagnosis leaves Ross in a place where the sound of his own voice was too much to bare.
  • Ross shares the building blocks of his identity, purpose and mission.
  • Ross talks about having “bodies of work” vs. linear career paths.

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