November 22, 2019

In this episode Christian Schauf and I dissect his experience on Shark Tank to pitch his Uncharted Supply Co. From the steps he took to get on the show to his strategy for making it in front of the sharks, what it’s like to be standing behind those intimidating double doors before you walk into the tank and what the process was really like behind the scenes. Christian has been to Iraq 40x bringing music and entertainment to the troops, he started a cider company, a survival products company and he’s toured as a musician among other things. He might just be the World’s most interesting man.

  • Christian shares that most of his Why Not Now? moments have been to let something go or stop doing something in order to make space for something new.
  • Christian talks about the power of entrepreneurs identifying open Market Space vs. looking at a crowded Market Place.
  • Christian has had a colorful journey, involved in a diverse set of industries. We talk about his zone of genius vs. zone of excellence.
  • What’s it like to go through the Shark Tank experience? How did Christian get on the show? What was his strategy and what was the process like?
  • Christian shares a new Why Not Now? that nobody has ever talked about on the show and it has nothing to do with business.
  • Pirates or Ninjas, who’s tougher according to Christian?
  • What advice would Christian give his younger self?

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