November 22, 2019

Van Jones is a CNN political contributor, NY Times best-selling author and he worked in the White House as an advisor to President Obama. He’s known for being the voice of reason for both red and blue states during the 2016 election. Van has a brand new book out called Beyond The Messy Truth. He’s a social entrepreneur, a Yale-educated attorney and he’s been deemed one of the most influential people in the world according to TIME Magazine. I’ve recently gotten to know Van and I have a strong appreciation for his ability to serve as a bridge for opposing opinions. We need a lot more of that in this world.

  • Van talks about why he believes America is so divided and what we can do to begin bridging the divide.
  • The unique circumstances that led Van to meeting Prince (the artist) and becoming very close friends.
  • Van describes what it was like leaving the White House and what he did immediately following.
  • Why Van has both Republican and Democratic Presidential Candidates endorsing his book.
  • Van shares his perspective on gun laws.
  • What keeps Van up at night?
  • What advice would Van tell his younger self?

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