January 17, 2024

Part 2 How to Reinvent Your Day & Relationship with Time

Welcome to Part 2 of Amy Jo’s 3 part series on reinventing your relationship with time and money. If you haven’t spent time with Part 1 (episode 313), we encourage you to go back and listen before diving in to this latest installment.

As promised, in this episode you’ll hear Amy Jo’s New Year’s list featuring what she plans to take with her into the new year, leave behind in 2023 and create new in 2024. She has been doing this exercise for over ten years. These actionable items go hand in hand with her goal to reinvent her relationship with time and money. It’s not too late to do this exercise yourself. Amy Jo dives into the “now what?” and how to execute on your goals for the year.

You’ll learn the tactics and indicators on how to know when you are tapped and trapped, how to know when you are creating momentum and when you are on the right track to increasing your capacity and expanding your bandwidth.

Amy Jo explains what the Ruthless Red Pen is and how you can use it, as well as how to deal with what she calls Bandwidth Bankrupters. You’ll learn the important questions to ask yourself before you decide to take another “hey can I pick your brain?” meeting.

Lastly, Amy Jo shares the Three S’s and what they mean for your bandwidth and capacity.

This episode is packed with tactics to get you on your way to your reinvention goals. In Part 3, Amy Jo will breakdown how these tools and reinvention mindset applies to money.

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