January 26, 2024

Part 3 How to Reinvent Your Day & Relationship with Time

This is the final episode of Amy Jo’s 3 part series all about reinventing your relationship time and money. We encourage you to listen to Part 1 (Ep 313) and Part 2 (Ep 314) before pushing play on Part 3.

In this last installment, Amy Jo focuses on the money side of things. To be clear, this is not investment advice, but you will learn how to potentially earn more and save more.

Amy Jo shares her specific money story and how that has changed over the last ten years. The net/net? Sacrifice does not equal success. Period.

Our earning potential is highest when we are expanding our capacity and optimizing our bandwidth. Sometimes that means spending money to create more time. Amy Jo explains how. She also shares what she is looking at specifically in her budget, and how she uses that data to determine if she is operating at her full earning potential.

You’ll learn the importance of assigning a value to your hours, and start making decisions based on the value of your time, as well as the difference in approaching finances from a confident place as opposed to doing so out of fear, and with a scarcity mindset.

Finally, Amy Jo takes you through the 5 Renegade Rules as a refresher so you can apply the rules to what you’ve learned over the last 3 episodes and beyond.

To watch the full video of this episode, head to www.youtube.com/@renegadeglobal.


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