Your Guide to Thrive at South by Southwest

After attending the Interactive portion of SXSW in Austin for many years, I’ve developed a bit of a strategy for navigating through the chaos. Some of you may have followed the event virtually, experienced FOMO and plan to go next year and some of you might be exhausted from the past week. Here are a […]

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30-Minute Power Sessions

I have the attention span of a snapchat. It’s become a slight problem and it’s a core reason why I took up knitting. If a meeting goes beyond than 30-45 minutes, there’s no guarantee I’ll mentally “be where my feet are” as the meeting concludes. I bet you can relate. With my knitting supplies in […]

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The Digital Disappearing Act

              Digital things are disappearing. Literally. Like socks that have been eaten by the dryer. Things are missing, they’re gone. But forever? Will they show up someday? The culprit is Virtual Pixie Dust. Take Snapchat for example . . . this isn’t news. There’s been a great deal of conversation […]


Vision vs. Sight

            During a recent formal (wink) board meeting, I encountered a moment I’ll never forget. Each month, I meet with my Board of Directors. We’ve never met at a boardroom table or even in an office. These monthly board meetings are conducted at a local bar, over dinner or during […]

TEDx Talk: The Renegade Factor

So much focus is applied to gender inequality. Instead, I suggest we focus on the common denominators among certain women that allow them to experience hockey stick growth in their careers, and better yet, their lives. Together, we can identify how some women have been able to soar and what other women need to know in […]